Do you ever find yourself too busy to get home in time to walk or feed your pet? Are you going away on holiday and need a trusted companion for them while you’re gone?


Regardless of your needs I’m here to take care of your beloved furbaby. We understand totally what it means to entrust your family member to us and always treat our furry clients as our own.


For complete peace of mind, get in touch so we can discuss how we can help you and arrange a convenient time for Jane to personally meet you and your dog.  After all, it's important your dog likes us as much as we love them! 

I understand that your dogs are part of your family and I give them the same care and attention that I provide for my own furbaby William.



We all have busy lives and you may not have the time to give your furry family the exercise they need. WOOFLES is a trusted, vetted and insured helping hand. Jane is your dog's dedicated walker, a much safer and easier option to having to ask your neighbour or rely on your friends' generosity and time.


Your dog will enjoy a 60 minute walk with exercise to suit their own pace, we take care they are matched with dogs of the same temperament to ensure they are happy and socialise well during the walk. 


Of course we will let you know how your dog has got on with the walk and provide pics of them enjoying themselves on our social media pages.


All new dogs are met prior to joining us for a meet us and check the compatibility of the dog so we can match him/her to the most suitable group. 


Home visits

Need a helping hand?

Work, illness or social commitments needn't be stressful with a little help from WOOFLES...

This service is perfect for checking in on your new puppy, senior dogs and post operation checks for your peace of mind. 


WOOFLES can pop in and feed, water and check everything is OK at home.

We'll refresh the water bowl, feed your dog their favourite meal and of course give a little cuddle. 

Dog Hotel Inner West


Home from  Home for your furbaby

Going on a business trips or holiday and need a place for them to stay, don’t feel bad – chances are, they’ll have so much fun that they’ll consider it a holiday too!


Enjoy complete peace of mind knowing that your loved one is in safe hands the entire time you are away and being treated as one of the family. No cages, open access to garden and only a small group of guests to ensure they enjoy lots of attention in your absence. 

Dog walking with WOOFLES Inner West

A positive experience

Not spending as much time as you’d like to with your dog? Don’t let your busy schedule interfere with your furry friend’s well-being.

Give your furbaby the care and attention they deserve, WOOFLES provides the services and care to help your dog learn how to make friends and enjoy the company of other dogs in most environments. 

Aimed for puppies and dogs that enjoy the company of other dogs and people. We combine on leash walking on quiet, safe streets and off leash play in the local parks. Some basic training is provided where the dogs learn basic commands and to share treats with other dogs politely. Off leash time is given where the dogs can run and sniff, while still learning good habits such as recall and social skills. Tailored to suit all ages and social experiences.


Visit to the VETS? 

Grooming appointment? 

Don't take time off from work and your busy schedule, WOOFLES offer a drop off & collection service. 


Whatever the reason, we are here to give a helping and in regards to the transport and care of your dog. They will travel in safety and style in our brand new, fully insured, air conditioned WOOFLES doggy van. 


.We will cover: 

Tie-up or Restraint Exercise | Crate Training

 Critical Socialisation and Environmental Conditioning

The Importance of Variety (avoiding routines and patterns)

Building puppies’ confidence and independence

How to grow Independence to avoid separation anxiety 

Bond with your puppy through the correct forms of play

Introduce your puppy to your older dog

How to avoid any development of aggression 

How to avoid food and resource guarding 


I strongly believe that if there is one thing that could most improve quality of life for dogs living in our society, it is correct early socialisation, during the critical puppy developmental phases. A large majority of behavioural problems can be avoidable through sound socialisation practices and an understanding of our puppy's vulnerabilities and limitations. From the moment you bring your new family member home, every day is an opportunity to help them reach their full potential!

When the puppy leaves the mother and litter, he has learnt much about being a dog. Now he needs to learn to bond and relate to people as his secondary social attachment. We share our a sound knowledge and understanding of the development of the puppy from birth, through adolescence, to adulthood. We aim to greatly improve the quality of life and longevity of life of your puppy. 

A life free of overwhelming anxieties

A life spent in the one single loving family

A life free of abuse

Competent social skills

 Build puppy self confidence

Good physical and mental health

We can provide education for puppy owners through fun and enjoyable experiences; strategies for coping with the frustrations of raising a puppy and how to avoid the development of future behaviour problems. Our simple techniques will help you achieve a socially competent dog that will bring your family enjoyment throughout its life. 

Get in touch to find out the puppy class training schedule or arrange a private consultation