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Making Every Walk a Positive Experience


Aimed for puppies who are just beginning their exciting journey into the 'big, bad world'. Designed to ensure that puppy is introduced to the world in a controlled manner to encourage  them to explore. It is so important that puppies are introduced to lots of varied sounds, smells, dogs of many breeds, children, humans, different surfaces such as grass, concrete, gravel etc. 

We combine on leash walking on quiet, safe streets. Basic training is practiced with positive reinforcement, park etiquette is introduced so puppy will learn how to play with other dogs and to share treats politely. Off leash time is given where puppy can run, play and sniff, while still learning good habits such as recall and social skills.

Senior Dogs 

Perfect for our lovely senior dogs who may not want to mingle with the crowd. A private walk allows us to take our time and slow things down at their own pace. Extra attention and time allows us to enjoy a slower pace to play, treat, meet and greet other doggies and reinforce any training you have in place. 

$65.00 inc. GST

45 minute private walk

Mon - Fri 

One dog only per walk 

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