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Important Info

Please read our Terms & Conditions Carefully. 

For the purposes of this document, the terms Client, Owner, Pet Owner, and Customer are synonymous with the person contracting services for one or more domestic animals.

To ensure the well-being & maximum safety of both the client dog(s) and the walker/ carer we require all our clients to read and follow our Terms & Conditions.


Legal /Service Request Documentation:   A signed Service Request form must be provided to WOOFLES before service is provided for any period.


  • WOOFLES cannot service a home with “Visiting” pets that do not belong to the resident of the service site without separate sets of agreement forms.

  • These T&Cs terms apply to all the dogs owned by the client, including any and all new dogs that the client obtains on or after the date the document was signed.



The client acknowledges that WOOFLES allows dogs to play and interact directly with one another both on and off leash at various locations. The client further acknowledges that injuries may occur during our services and agrees that WOOFLES will not be held liable for any injury or illness and expressly waives any and all claims against WOOFLES, or its employees for any loss, injury or illness to their dog(s) or their property while in the care of WOOFLES or its employees. WOOFLES will only ever consider unleash walks for regular clients, dogs whom WOOFLES has built a relationship and trust with, dogs who have the appropriate nature behaviour, dogs who are dog-friendly, people socialised and dogs who will come on call/command.

The client agrees to disclose to WOOFLES any known behavioural/aggression problems that their dog has with other animals, toys, food or humans. The client is solely responsible for any harm or injury caused by their pet while in the care of WOOFLES.

WOOFLES reserves the rights to refuse to take any dog if they show aggressive behavior at time.


WOOFLES reserves the rights to refuse to take any dog if they show any inappropriate, abnormal behaviour at time of pick up or during service as well as behaviour that WOOFLES has brought to the owner’s attention has not taken measures to address or the owner has ignored.  WOOFLES may use their discretion to stop/suspend the service at any time that a dog poses a danger to the safety or health of itself, other pets, other people. If concerns prevent WOOFLES. from continuing servicing your dog, the Owner will be contacted immediately for alternate care arrangements. All subsequent charges, including but not limited to transportation, kenneling, treating, accessing, and liability, will be the responsibility of the Owner and not WOOFLES 

Vaccinations Certificate: The client understands that all dogs accepted must be in good general health. Veterinarian information and proof of all required vaccinations must be provided to WOOFLES during the initial meet & greet, and immediately upon any changes. 

No walks will be considered if your dog’s vaccinations are not up to date.

WOOFLES reserves the rights to refuse to take any dog if they show signs of  illness and or are taking medication for transmittable virus or sickness.

Dogs must be on a flea and tick prevention program whilst in our care. Under no circumstances will WOOFLES , or its employees, be held responsible for Paralysis Tick, Canine Influenza, Injury, Death, Loss or Damages of any kind whatsoever that may occur to any animal while in the care of WOOFLES.

Emergency Veterinarian Services: Should any dog become ill or injured while with WOOFLES , we reserve the right to administer necessary aid, and , if necessary, transport the pet to a vet. Any expenses incurred are the responsibility of the client. WOOFLES  will attempt to contact the pets own vet, but reserves the right to transport the pet to another if necessary. The client agrees to pay any invoiced amount within 7 days of the invoice being issued.  



Cancellations: - Any walks cancelled later than 2pm the day before will be charged at the full rate. There is no charge for walks cancelled prior to this.



  • If we are unable to gain access to the property / garden / yard etc. for the collection of your dog,  which results in a failed collection, the walk be charged at the full rate. This includes, incorrect/broken keys, remote controls being inoperative,  lifts being inoperative, access to the property being hazardess or obstructed,  the inability to safely park the vehicle within 25 metres of the property. 

  • If the dog is not at the premises when we arrive, for whatever reason, the walk be charged at the full rate.

  • If on arrival at the property your dog is not deemed fit for the walk, the walk be charged at the full rate.


Key Requirements & Fees:

  • It is preferred that clients supply keys at our meet & greet. If unable to do so alternative arrangements to be discussed during the consultation.

  • If additional key arrangements are required for either pick up or return, our clients will incur a fee of minimum $15.00. The fee will only apply if a separate trip is required by WOOFLES.

  • It is the client’s responsibility to ensure WOOFLES. can gain easy entrance access to your dog during every service. It is the client’s responsibility to fix faulty locks, doors difficult to open and remove any obstruction to gate or house entry.

  • The client will be accountable and incur full locksmith fee if a locksmith is required to gain/regain access to your home. To fix faulty locks, or no back up key is provided to sitter or back up key left in a location on property.

Backup Keys:

  • Must be provided by the client to WOOFLES. prior to each new service booking if not retained by WOOFLES 

  • If a backup method of entry is not provided by client: The client will incur a $20 per key charge will be charged if the pet sitter is required to have key duplicated on client behalf.

Key Return:

  • Our client held keys are securely kept and are identified only by a number system not an address.

  • Most regular clients prefer to take advantage of our key storage service.

  • The keys remain the property of the client at all times.




  • $65 per night | one dog  

  • Additional dog from same household/family +$20 per day 

  • Public Holiday Surcharge +20%


  • Check-in times are  9:30am - 4pm.  If you are dropping off your dog yourself,  a time slot (within a 1 hour window) must be confirmed 24 hours prior to drop off . Check in / drop offs are not permitted after 4pm without prior arrangement and agreement. 


  • Check out times are 9:30am - 12pm.  After 12pm, a late charge will apply $20 per dog 

  • Latest check out time is 6pm (surcharge paid) . After this time a further night rate will be charged. 

  • Check out / collection time is to be confirmed with WOOFLES a minimum of 24 hours prior (within a 1 hour window) 


Local pick up and collection charges for short stays:

WEEKDAYS -  MONDAY to FRIDAY :                   ONE WAY $25  |  RETURN TRIP  $35.

WEEKENDS - SATURDAY & SUNDAY:                 ONE WAY $35  |  RETURN TRIP  $40 


WOOFLES collection and drop off service:

  • WEEKDAYS MONDAY - FRIDAY: Your dog will be collected / dropped safely back to your home between 8:30am and 5pm pending our day's walking schedule. Special or exact times can be arranged a minimum of 24 hours prior, strictly subject to availability 

  • WEEKENDS: Your dog will be collected / dropped safely back to your home between 9:30am and 4pm pending our day's walking schedule. Special or exact times can be arranged a minimum of 24 hours prior, strictly subject to availability 

  • Local pick up and collection - Local is defined as suburbs within the Inner West to a maximum of 5km from Leichhardt or a maximum of 10 minutes drive time 

  • Collection and drop off service must be scheduled 24 hours prior and are completed prior to | during - or after the day's dog walking schedule. 


  • Payment in full is due at time of reservation to hold/confirm booking. Reservations are not held until payment in full is received.

  • Prior to Service Commencement – Cancellations advised to WOOFLES with less than 14 days notice prior to service commencement date our clients will incur a 50% cancellation fee. (% applies to entire service period total):

  • During Regular Service – Cancellations advised to WOOFLES during service with less than 7 days notice our clients will incur a 100% cancellation fee for balance of invoiced period.

  • Early Returns: Clients returning home will not be applicable for any or part refund of the remaining days booked. 

  • Unpaid Service may be cancelled by WOOFLES without notice, including prior to or during the service period.

  • Public Holiday bookings incur a 20% surcharge: Australia Day, Good Friday, Easter Saturday, Easter Monday, Queens Birthday, Christmas & Boxing Day, New Years Day. Refer to our T&Cs 


  • If your dog requires oral or topical medication, WOOFLES must be fully informed and equipped to cater to your dog's medical needs.

  • It is the Pet Owner’s responsibility to ensure a sufficient amount of medication is supplied to WOOFLES  for the duration of the period the medication is required whilst your pet is in the care of the WOOFLES

  • Client ’s have the option to leave a money- kitty with enough funds to purchase pet supplies on the client’s behalf during the client’s absence. WOOFLES will leave purchase receipts and balance on completion of full service.

  • Owners are responsible for supplying the necessary, safe equipment/supplies needed for the care of their dog(s), including but not limited to a well-fit harness (halter, collar, etc.)  


Failure of collection of your dog:

If an Owner makes a booking with WOOFLES and fails to retrieve the relevant dog(s) within two (2) days (or any earlier time period provided by any applicable law) after the date specified in the relevant booking the owner agrees that WOOFLES may (but has no obligation to), in its sole discretion, place or arrange a third party to place the relevant dog(s) in foster care, shelter or similar and will notify the relevant authorities.  Owners agree that they are solely responsible for and indemnify WOOFLES for all costs, expenses and liabilities that WOOFLES incur arising directly or indirectly from the Owner failing to retrieve their dog(s) with respect to their booking.  Further applicable laws may apply in the result of the owner’s failure to retrieve dogs(s)  including any applicable animal abandonment or cruelty laws.




*Package per dog | Days and times of walks are subject to availability at time of bookings |  Includes 6 group walks, pick up and drop off | Group walks are maximum 4 dogs | Suburbs covered include: Leichhardt, Lilyfield, Annandale, Rozelle, Balmain, Haberfield & Petersham.


WOOFLES must meet and greet all dogs and owners prior to walking, should the dog not be suitable to join a group walk, a full refund can be requested or voucher can be exchanged for other services provided by WOOFLES. Please note that WOOFLES loves all dogs. However, for the safety and happiness of all our dogs, we reserve the right to refuse any dog we feel will not socially, physically or psychologically fit into our area of expertise or be for the benefit to all our other clients. Thank you for your understanding in this matter.


Property Damage/Loss:

  • WOOFLES is not responsible for any damage to the property of the client or others unless such damage is caused by the negligent act of WOOFLES

  • WOOFLES accepts no responsibility for loss to the premises if other individuals have access to a client’s home, or if the home is not properly secured by others during the service period.

  • WOOFLES  accepts no responsibility for loss or damage to the premises if prior to the commencement of service, Owner/Client had not formally notified WOOFLES of everyone who has been granted access to the home during the service period. All other individuals that visit the home to leave a log of their visit.

  • Clients are responsible for pet-proofing the house, balconies and yard, and the security of fences/gates/latches.

  • WOOFLES will not be responsible for the safety of any pet/s or held liable for the death, injury, disappearance, or legal consequences of any pet with unsupervised access to the outdoors.

WOOFLES will presume that all owner/client states that he/she has read this agreement in its entirety and fully understands and accepts its terms and conditions. These Terms & Conditions are subject to change, it is the owner/client responsibility to check for updates and amendments 

Our priority is the safety of all dogs in our care and our team

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