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Dog Walker Inner West Sydney

Professional Dog Services for Busy Pawrents

If you’re searching for a reliable and experienced Dog Walker, look no further.

Our gang enjoy safe, fun exercise with care taken on socialisation and play etiquette. 

All our services are here to help you ensure the happiness and wellbeing of your dog in a safe fun environment. 

Not spending as much time as you’d like to with your dog? Don’t let your busy schedule interfere with your furry friend’s well-being, give your furbaby the care and attention they deserve. WOOFLES provides the highest level of professional services you need.  We're here to take care of your beloved furbaby and we understand what it means to entrust your furry family member to us and always treat our furry clients as our own.


For complete peace of mind, get in touch so we can discuss how we can help you and arrange a convenient time for Jane to personally meet you and your dog.  After all, it's important your dog likes us as much as we love them! 

Professional  | Owner Managed  |  Experienced Dog Handler  |  Police Vetted 

Insured | Pet First Aid | Certificate of Puppy Training

WOOFLES provides the services and care to help your dog learn how to make friends and enjoy the company of other dogs in most environments.


Our small group playdates are tailored to suit all ages and social experiences, whilst our private walks are the perfect solution for young puppies, senior dogs or those dogs that just need that one on one care.


We take the care to ensure that the exercise level is at their own pace and they meet other dogs of the same temperament to ensure they are happy and socialise well during the walk. Basic training is practiced where the dogs learn through fun play with treats while still learning good habits such as recall and social skills.

Of course, we always let you know how your dog has behaved and enjoyed their time and provide pics of them having fun!

Please contact me to discuss your needs.

Puppy Training Sydney

Making every walk a positive experience

Your puppy has graduated Puppy Pre-School and completed their vaccinations, now it's time for them to go out in the big world. Our puppy playdates are aimed for puppies and young dogs to continue to learn through play.


Your puppy will learn social etiquette when playing with larger or older dogs of all breeds and enjoy new experiences, locations, senses and smells. Play dates help your puppy grow and become independent from their furry siblings and pawrents and be well adjusted furry members of your family.


Basic training is provided where the dogs practice the basic set of commands and how to share treats with other dogs politely. Off leash time is given where the dogs can run and sniff, while still learning good habits such as recall and social skills. 

Pet Home Visits Sydney

Need a helping hand?

Work, illness or social commitments needn't be stressful with a little help from WOOFLES.


We can arrange to pop into your home during the day to feed, top up the water bowl and check everything is OK at home.

This service is perfect for checking in on your new puppy, senior dogs and post operation checks for your peace of mind. 

Visit to the VETS or Grooming Appointment?

We'll make sure your dog arrives on time for their appointment and drop them back home, safe and sound. 

Whatever the reason, we are here to give a helping and in regards to the transport and care of your dog. They will travel in safety and in style in the lovely WOOFLES doggy van. 

Puppy Training Inner West Sydney

Book a private consultation that is designed to your exact puppy training needs.

We will cover all the important basic training for new puppies as well as your specific concerns without distractions. Each consulatation is designed around you. 


We can provide education for puppy owners through fun and enjoyable experiences; strategies for coping with the frustrations of raising a puppy and how to avoid the development of future behaviour problems.


Our simple techniques will help you achieve a socially confident, happy dog that will bring your family enjoyment throughout its life.


 I have always loved dogs, I can't imagine life without them.

My childhood in the UK was spent sharing my Mum with two German Shephards which she won awards for Best in Show. She was a true dog lover too! My own little boy William, a gorgeous gold Cavoodle has brought out a maternal side I never had.  He really is my furbaby and inspiration. 

Ongoing practical training and seminars ensure I keep up to date with dog handling and training skills. I promote positive reinforcement, a reward-based training which is enjoyable for the dog and positively enhances the relationship between our dog and us.


I am a strong advocate of the importance of socialisation and environmental training in puppies during their early critical phase. So many dogs are surrendered or live their lives in fear or anxiety simply due to simple training techniques we could provide at this early age. 


I began WOOFLES to have the opportunity to share my love of animals with my clients and busy Pawrents who want the best for their furry family. 


I hope I get the chance to meet your lovely dog soon.

Leichhardt Dog Walking

Thank you for contacting WOOFLES, we'll be in touch very soon.


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